The following activities and events are practised in all Bahá'í communities across the globe, including Bristol, and are free and open to all the community of any background. For more information or joining the activities please contact us.

Naw-Ruz, The Baha'i New Year,

Saturday 23 March 2019

The Hub, Gainsborough Square, Lockleaze, Bristol. BS7 9FB

Historical commemorations

These events are commemorated on significant occasions of the Baha'i history. Meetings are held normally at the Bahá'í Centre, with selected readings from the Bahá'í literature, and are open to all.

Study Circles

These are a sequence of seven courses to reflect on and discuss certain topics of spiritual significance, such as Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, Arising to Serve, and Family Prosperity. The courses are held in groups of 5 - 10 people, and a tutor facilitates each session. Each course takes 30 - 50 hours to complete and participants may arrange for slow or fast track modes, at any time of year. Each course is associated with set books and certain activities to enhance the learning process. New sessions are planned as applicants reach a certain number and can arrange time with the tutor.

Devotional Meetings

People from all faiths and backgrounds are invited to join in the prayer meetings, according to their own style and tradition and hence contribute to the overall spiritual force. There are no associated rituals, supervisor, or obligations, the goal being to provide an atmosphere of contemplation and spiritual freshness. Devotionals are held at the Bahá'í Centre, individual homes, or other places, flexible to individual preferences. There are several regular devotionals currently running in the town.

Children/Juniour Youth Classes

With the growing concern on the need for more attention to children's moral education in the community, these classes invite children from age 5 up to junior youth to learn and practice moral behaviour in everyday life. Topics become more complex in consecutive years, and are revised frequently to accommodate with the changing needs and cultural circumstances. These classes are hosted by qualified and trained teachers.

Other events

The Bahá'í community actively maintains a constant profile of various activities throughout the UK, aimed at enhancing social cohesion and developing useful skills, including arts. For a full list of these events visit the National Bahá'í website.